21 October 2017
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L'OMS a pour mission d'amener tous les peuples au niveau de santé le plus élevé possible.
Numéro de la vacance : AFRO/14/FT114
Titre: Regional Advisor, Malaria
Classe : P6
Type de contrat : Contrat de durée déterminée
Durée :  Two (2) years
Date : 6 mars 2014
Date de clôture : 3 avril 2014 Avis de vacance annulé
Lieu d'affectation :  Brazzaville, Congo
Unité administrative : AFRO Africa Regional Office (AF/RGO) /
AF/DPC Disease Prevention and Control (AF/DPC)
The mission of the Malaria program is to contribute to the reduction of Malaria disease burden in the WHO Africa Region through support to member states for accelerated progress towards universal access to cost-effective control interventions supported by health promotion/behavior change communication, capacity building, health and community systems strengthening; response to complex emergencies and research.
This mission is undertaken in a rapidly evolving and demanding and interdependent malaria landscape with high expectations, commitments, and increased funding as well as demand for performance.

Description des fonctions
1. Facilitate the development of work plans as a contribution to the achievement of WHO Work in the African Region
. Lead formulation of priorities for the malaria programme work plan in line with AFRO strategic orientations and DPC and MAL vision, mission and functions
. Oversee incorporation of key policy and normative guidance products services and activities in work plan
. Coordinate the work of the Malaria team in developing biennial plans in line with planning guidelines
. Ensure inclusion of joint products/services and activities based on consultations with related units/programmes
. Communicate with HQ, ISTs and WCO to ensure harmonization of malaria work plans

2. Coordinate the implementation of activities defined in the programme plan of action
. Ensure appropriate articulation between RO, IST and WCO malaria related activities in response to country requests
. Provide orientations for re-planning and prioritizing resources and staff time during implementation of the malaria work plan
. Ensure that staff contributions to the malaria work plan are delivered, identify difficulties and help resolve significant issues
. Facilitate regular information, dialogue and decision making within the malaria team and with related programmes/units
. Support staff development, capacity building
. Oversee knowledge sharing within the team and in direction of related units/programmes, country contacts and partners

3. Ensure the monitoring, reporting, performance assessment and evaluation the programme plan of action
. Undertake regular monitoring, assessment of progress in achievements and evaluation in the context of regional, continental and global reporting processes
. Support bottlenecks identification and timely response to country normative guidance and technical assistance needs in close liaison with WHO/AFRO IST and country teams

4. Initiate proposals and participate in negotiations for resource mobilization in collaboration with other relevant units across the organization
. Support Advocacy and Partnership for accelerated malaria control in the WHO African Region.
. Coordinate development of proposals for funding of capacity building and operations in core areas of malaria control
. Contribute to joint resource mobilization efforts with other relevant units across the organization
. Support harmonization of planning, implementation monitoring and evaluation in the context of malaria partnerships
. Participate in relevant regional and global strategic, programmatic and resource mobilization consultations
. Contribute to harmonized support to strengthen county performance in accessing and utilizing funding as per DPC/AFRO orientations and guidance

5. monitor the availability and flow of financial resources for the program and ensure proper communication with relevant units/offices across the organization
. Monitor agreements and transfers of funds from HQ and donors in liaison with relevant units in AFRO and HQ
. Ensure communication with budget, finance, other relevant units for effective budget implementation in line with the rules of the organization and agreements with funding partners
. Initiate relevant request related to funding of core and priority positions and activities

6. Prepare reports on programme implementation for submission to the Cluster Director.
. Coordinate and submit internal reports on programme implementation to the Director DPC cluster
. Contribute to internal and external peer reviews and assessments related to programme implementation
. Contribute to reports on the status of implementation of Regional/continental commitments and resolutions

7. Participate in joint planning and contribute to implementation of activities that cross cut across related programmes
. Contribute to joint planning and peer reviews with related programme/units
. Provide inputs in joint implementation of activities across related programmes. Ensure inputs from the program in the joint monitoring prioritizing and reporting of plans with related units/programmes

8. Act as regional focal point of the programme, ensuring articulation between headquarter, regional office, inter-country support team and WHO country offices
. Engage in regular communications dialogue for strategic directions, decision making and problem solving with ISTs, Country Offices, other Regional Programmes and GMP/HTM/HQ
. Ensure appropriate dissemination of guidance to ISTs, country offices and share regional orientations at regional and global level
. Facilitate contacts and communications with stakeholders at global, regional and country level with regards to malaria control

9. Engage in coordination of partnerships as per AFRO Orientations
. Work on malaria partnership coordination harmonization in liaison with HQ, IST and WCO
. Collaborate with RBM, UN, other multilateral and bilateral agencies, AU, RECs, NGOs/ CSOs and academia to strengthen partnership networks, working groups and develop communities of practice
. Develop links with NGOs, academic and research institutions and other relevant stakeholders and constituencies as per AFRO strategic orientations
. Participate on behalf of DPC/AFRO to relevant partner consultations, initiatives and activities

10. Undertake any other task delegated by the DPC Cluster Director

Compétences :
Extensive knowledge with relevance to public health, infectious diseases/ tropical medicine and international
health and development; Ability to exercise leadership and to work with colleagues and partners both at
national and international level, Good analytical, facilitation negotiation and reporting skills; Proven ability to work under pressure; Ability to plan and manage in the context of a very dynamic and changing environment;
Familiarity with WHO environment, management and procedures especially with the work of the Regional
Office for Africa.
MS office package with knowledge of data analysis tools

Expérience :
Essential: Al least 10 years of national and international experience in public health/epidemiology with sound
experience of infectious/tropical diseases and malaria control.

Desirable: Extensive working experience in developing countries and at least five years of experience working with international health organizations (especially the WHO).

Langues :
Excellent knowledge of English or French with good working knowledge of the other.

Traitment annuel (Net d'impôts)
USD 95394 fonctionnaire sans personnes à charge
USD 103204 fonctionnaire avec personnes à charge au premier degré

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