23 October 2017
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L'OMS a pour mission d'amener tous les peuples au niveau de santé le plus élevé possible.
Numéro de la vacance : AFRO/14/FT71
Titre: Communication and Advocacy Officer (CAO)
Classe : P4
Type de contrat : Contrat de durée déterminée
Durée :  One (01) Year
Date : 14 février 2014
Date de clôture : 14 mars 2014 Sélection en cours
Lieu d'affectation :  Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Unité administrative : AF Africa (AF) /
AFRO Africa Regional Office (AF/RGO)
APOC/ Sustainable Drug Distribution Unit
The objectives of the Programme is to establish, within a period of 12 to 15 years, effective and self-sustainable community-directed treatment with ivermectin throughout the endemic areas in the geographic scope of the Programme, and if possible, in selected and isolated foci to eradicate the vector by using environmentally safe methods. The objective of the unit is to develop strategic direction in planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and sustainability of CDTI; provide administrative support and advise on project management.

Description des fonctions
The incumbent is expected:-

- To lead the formulation of coherent short- and long-term information and communication plans and strategies to promote an awareness of the objectives and work of APOC;
- To provide authoritative advice to the Chief of Sustainable Drug Delivery (CSD) Unit and other technical staff on information needs and issues, relations with the media to ensure that APOC's messages reach key audiences, existing and potential donors;
- To write and edit speeches, declarations and campaign documents, advising on language and content, how best to handle politically difficult and sensitive issues, and to take a lead role for developing an effective and proactive collaboration with WHO at the global level with a view to ensure consistency of approach;
- To formulate assertive advice to APOC staff on how to interface with media, governmental representatives and representatives of partners, NGOs, the private and public sectors, partners and donors, as well as with special interest groups to identify subjects of common interest and coordinate advocacy and information activities to create a momentum and commitment for onchocerciasis control and community-directed intervention at the highest levels in the industrialized and developing world;
- To bolster APOC advocacy drives to facilitate and accelerate resource mobilization to effectively support the achievement of APOC's goals;
- To initiate and maintain collaboration and follow-up of initiatives with APOC key stakeholders and partners, acting as facilitator and first-line interlocutor for the preparation and management of APOC meetings, participating in the elaboration and/or drafting documents for the implementation and delivery of recommendations and projects;
- Respond to routine requests for information from the media or the public, and facilitate linkages with APOC experts on technical questions;
- To propose milestones for events, campaigns, messages and position statements that effectively convey issues to target audiences, worldwide, at country and community levels, to support APOC's work;
- To foster and facilitate relationships with a broad range of partners through the development of networks, to ensure that advocacy messages and communications campaigns are disseminated in an effective manner;
- To develop the communications and advocacy budgets, and critically evaluate the communications and advocacy efforts;
- Draft news releases, Web articles, newsletters and other information materials for on APOC activities;
- Participate to the preparation of the statutory meetings of the Programme and respond to any other duties from the supervisor, the coordinator of the office of the Director and the Programme Director relating to the areas of work.
- Monitor media in order to alert the Director of APOC concerning emerging issues of relevance to APOC and related to its mandate; analyze media coverage using available systems;
- Support the development and strengthening of IEC and advocacy strategies and modules; facilitate the adaptation of relevant indicators for monitoring and evaluating the Programme Information Education and Communication (IEC) and advocacy packages.
- Facilitate and support countries' establishment of health education units with strong information management capability at national, provincial and district levels for onchocerciasis control.

Formation :
Essential: Advanced university degree in political science, information, education, communication, public or international relations, or equivalent in academic and professional experience.

Desirable: Training in monitoring and evaluation of communication and advocacy modules for communicable diseases control.

Compétences :
Computer literacy with sound knowledge of websites/pages and other advocacy and communications techniques. Ability to promote innovative ideas and changes in a proactive manner. Excellent presentation skills. Knowledge of desktop publishing and picture processing software for production of posters and other IEC materials.

Expérience :
Essential: At least 7 years' experience in advocacy and communications, media or public relations, of which at least 5 years at the international level, involving public health, policy development and/or health information systems, with a proven track record in public relations or media.

Desirable: Experience in the UN System and/or the private sector in developing countries in the field of information in the health context.Solid managerial experience.

Langues :
Excellent knowledge of English or French with working knowledge of the other.
Traitment annuel (Net d'impôts)
US$ 67,483 fonctionnaire sans personnes à charge
US$ 72,467 fonctionnaire avec personnes à charge au premier degré
Ajustement de Poste: 47 % des montants mentionnés ci-dessus. Ce pourcentage n'a qu'une valeur indicative et peut varier, chaque mois, à la hausse ou à la baisse.

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