17 October 2017
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L'OMS a pour mission d'amener tous les peuples au niveau de santé le plus élevé possible.
Numéro de la vacance : AFRO/13/STC1
Titre: Individual Contract (APW)/English Language Editor, African Health Observatory Portal
Classe : P4
Type de contrat : Short-Term Consultant
Durée :  Six months, starting 1 September 2013
Date : 21 juin 2013
Date de clôture : 14 juillet 2013 Vacancy Notice Status in Review
Lieu d'affectation :  Multiple duty stations, various
Unité administrative : AFRO Africa Regional Office (AF/RGO) /
AF/HSS Health Systems and Services (AF/HSS)
The African Health Observatory portal (AHO)
The African Health Observatory portal (AHO at aims to assist Member States in the African Region of WHO in developing evidence-based policy and decision making, and to provide country and Regional stakeholders with the most reliable, credible source of information and evidence for decision-makers and health-care providers.
The AHO portal provides access to an integrated database of health data and statistics, national and Regional health analytical profiles, a range of information products, such as the Atlas of Health Statistics in the African Region and the African Health Monitor magazine, and a networking section to support communities of practice (CoPs) in the African Region of WHO. The observatory model used in the AHO portal is also being extended to national and subnational levels through National Health Observatories (NHOs).
Since 2011, a team of contractors has worked with AHO Unit staff and country focal points to develop a Regional and country analytical health profiles for the African Region. As of 2013, the analytical profiles of 23 countries (including the Regional profile) were in various stages of completion. The addition of new profiles is coordinated with country focal points. Enhancements to the profiles are carried out in a series of stages, starting with a review of materials sent by country focal points until final approval by the Ministry of Health of a country.
Description des fonctions
As English Language Editor (Editor) for the AHO, the selected contracting partner will edit the English language content of the African Health Observatory (AHO) portal and its products.
Based at home, the Editor will be under the general supervision of the Head of the African Health Observatory Unit and the direct supervision of the Observatory Portal Editor (OPE). The Editor will work independently, communicating directly with relevant contributors to elicit or clarify information and collaborating with other contractors and designated AHO staff members at the Regional Office.
More specifically, the Editor will:
Copy edit the English language contents of the AHO Portal and its products according to the WHO style guide and the Guidelines to web publishing in the WHO Regional Office for Africa, which outline house style for use in all WHO printed and electronic materials;
Maintain a structure and hierarchy of headings clear and well balanced, following the taxonomy provided by AHO;
Ensure that all terminology, nomenclature and scientific units used in the text conform to international standards;
Also ensure that the writing is grammatical, jargon-free and in a style appropriate for the target audience, for the category of information product concerned and for translation;
Other English language editing tasks may be assigned as needed.
Formation :
Essential: An advanced university degree (or equivalent in self-study) preferably in the English language, in biomedical science or in public health.
Desirable: Specialization in a health or management field relevant to WHO's work.
Compétences :
The Editor should demonstrate the public health knowledge, writing and editorial skills required to provide services for high level materials aimed at policy-makers, health-care workers and researchers in an international context. The Editor should also demonstrate the networking and influencing skills required to mobilize all contributors (professional staff or external contributors) to answer queries and/or supply the required material or knowledge, and be able to work in a multilingual and multicultural environment.

Core competencies:Core competencies required, with reference to WHO competency model, in decreasing priority:
1)Communicating in a credible and effective way
2)Producing results
3)Moving forward in a changing environment
4)Managing yourself
5)Respecting and promoting individual and cultural differences

Other Skills: Computer skills (word processing, spreadsheets, communication and online information retrieval).Understanding of the online publishing process. Experience with Wikis or other online editing/publishing tools would be an asset.
Expérience :
Essential:A minimum of 7 years of professional experience in editing or writing scientific literature in the English language.

Desirable:Experience in public health editing or writing
Langues :
Excellent knowledge of English. Knowledge of French desirable. Knowledge of Portuguese would be an asset.
Informations supplémentaires
. The contracting partner will work online from home. All output will be delivered online. 2.Duration of Assignment:72 working days to be completed within six months of signature. If required, and if funds are available, this initial contract may be renewed through additional APWs in intervals that may vary, for a total of two years maximum, the expected duration of the project. No renewal should be expected beyond the completion of the project. 3.The contract is for a fixed number of days worked. The payment will be made in US dollars and, unless otherwise agreed, in six instalments to be issued upon delivery of the services and outputs specified in the Terms of Reference and the submission of a progress report. 4.Cover letter explaining why the candidate is the most suitable for the work should be submitted.
Traitment annuel (Net d'impôts)
fonctionnaire sans personnes à charge

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