24 October 2017
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L'OMS a pour mission d'amener tous les peuples au niveau de santé le plus élevé possible.
Numéro de la vacance : AFRO/13/FT196
Titre: Director, General Management Cluster
Classe : D1
Type de contrat : Contrat de durée déterminée
Durée :  Two (2) years
Date : 16 mai 2013
Date de clôture : 13 juin 2013 Avis de vacance annulé
Lieu d'affectation :  Brazzaville, Congo
Unité administrative : AFRO Africa Regional Office (AF/RGO) /
AF/DAF Administration and Finance (AF/DAF)
Managing a comprehensive service platform, the main purpose of the programme budget area covered by the Office of the 'Director, General Management' is to ensure the efficient delivery of WHO's fundamental mandates through the provision of timely, targeted support in terms of overall Administrative Services, Human Resources, Budget and Finance Services, Procurement, Security and programme execution. This work is to be carried out in compliance with WHO's rules and regulations, policies and procedures, and with internal and external audit observations and recommendation, and in collaboration with the Member States of the countries covered by the Regional Office.

Description des fonctions
Efficient, reliable, transparent and outcome-focused management of a large team of staff in the Regional Office, Inter-Country and country level structures. Plan, coordinate and lead the Division of General Management's support with overall responsibility for all aspects of human resources, financial management and budget support, general administration, logistics and operations, procurement, information technology and WHO's ERP-system (GSM) across the Region and all its country-level operations including sub regional and regional structures.

In particular, this includes:

Advising the Regional Director, health programme Directors and Heads of WHO Country Offices on all non-technical aspects of operational planning, covering a wide range of administrative, financial, budgetary and human resources management related issues. Exercising primary responsibility in scrutinizing the finalization of project proposals and agreements in respect of administrative, legal, financial and staffing implications.

Exercising primary responsibility for staff relations, including incentives and disciplinary matters. Promoting a culture of consistent compliance with rules and regulations as well as ethical behaviour.

Providing advice in and outside of the Regional Office on financial aspects of operations and their implementation, aiming at optimizing service delivery and arriving at economies-of-scale within the given financial parameters, while at the same time ensuring meticulous adherence to financial rules and guidelines in a transparent manner, best suited to instil trust by key stakeholders such as donors and Member States in WHO's operations.

Creating and environment in the Region that promotes and supports the implementation of the best management practices, which are aligned with the overall changes in management/administrative roles, responsibilities and practices in WHO globally.

Leading the effective and efficient implementation of WHO's internal control framework in the region and reporting any major discrepancies to the Regional Director and the relevant functional lead at WHO Headquarters/General Management and taking corrective action where required.

Collaborating with interlocutors outside WHO on matters of security, project implementation frameworks, host agreements, protocol and diplomatic issues with host governments, technical partners, donors, NGOs, etc., and taking responsibility for these areas ensuring smooth operations across the Regional Office and in country operations.

Promoting integration of Regional and Country Office perspectives and operational capacities into the Divisions' work programmes.
Provide the stable managerial framework that demonstrates the Regional Office's efficiency and ability to deliver results-driven services of consistency high standard.
Formation :
Essential: Advanced degree of an academic institution of recognized standing in business administration, legal, financial or social sciences, in line with the requirements of the position.

Desirable: A highest level academic background (at Ph.D. level) or specialized post-graduate training or professional certification relevant to the position.

Compétences :
Extensive practical knowledge of modern management techniques, especially in respect of large operations at either / or national, regional and global levels. Proven leadership ability. Ability to provide authoritative advice and motivate large groups of staff. Ability to clearly and articulately present concepts and strategies on a broad range of issues while representing and promoting the Organization.

Computer literacy in the common applied software programmes relevant for a large and diversified managerially responsible position.

Expérience :
Essential: A minimum of 10 years of practical experience relevant to the position, with increasing levels of managerial responsibility, of which a minimum of 5 need to have been gained in an international context.

Desirable: UN and / or WHO work experience highly desirable, including at the Regional/Country level. Experience in change management and organizational development.

Langues :
Excellent knowledge of English and French. Some knowledge of Portuguese is an advantage.

Traitment annuel (Net d'impôts)
USD 95394 fonctionnaire sans personnes à charge
USD 103204 fonctionnaire avec personnes à charge au premier degré
Ajustement de Poste: 65.3 % des montants mentionnés ci-dessus. Ce pourcentage n'a qu'une valeur indicative et peut varier, chaque mois, à la hausse ou à la baisse.

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Avis de vacance annulé

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